Article Marketing – Still Effective?

Does Article Marketing Still Work?

A few years back, submitting articles to popular article
directories was a highly effective way to boost your search
engine rankings.

The backlinks from these directories where considered to be
valuable by the search engines, but is article marketing still
an effective strategy today?

The internet changes fast, and the fact is that google in
particular has considerably devalued links from articles on
article directories.

Like many other online promotional strategies, the spammers
quickly got a hold of article marketing, blasting out tons
of junk content, which provided very little, if any, value
to search engine users.

On top of this, after witnessing the success of high quality
article directories, many online entrepreneurs set up their
own directories, in the hopes of enjoying similar success.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of these fly by night article
directories featured content of very poor quality, due to
overly high approval rates ( more good news for spammers ).

This situation then gave rise to automation tools, such as
article spinners ( which produce several variations of one
article ), and article directory account creation and article
submission software.

By this stage, for many marketers, an article marketing strategy
consisted of distributing dozens of poorly written, badly spun
articles to scores of low quality article directories.

Google and the other search engines will not index content
like this, so the backlinks will not even be counted.

And these days, all but the most desperate for content web-
masters have stopped republishing article directory articles on
their sites ( also known as article syndication ), as the need for
high quality, original content becomes ever greater.

So, has article marketing been spoiled for genuine, hard-working
online marketers?

The answer is no – article marketing is still effective, but
not as a core strategy. It can still be part of a link building
and promotional campaign, but it will not have a huge impact
by itself.

The best way to do article marketing these days is to produce
high quality, 100% original and unique content and submit it
manually to, which is still the number one
article directory online today.

The links from still carry some weight, as do
those from a handfull of other directories, such as articlesbase,
amazines, article dashboard, and goarticles.

But be sure to submit a unique article to each directory! Articles
can take some time to get approved, and the submission process
can also be a hassle.

But, it is worth including some article marketing in your search
engine optimization campaign, not just to link to your main site,
but also to link to your other web properties, like web 2.0 sites.

As well as providing backlinks, articles can also produce what
is known as referral traffic, wherein someone finds your article
on a directory, and then clicks the link in the resource box ( or
author bio box, at the bottom of the article ) to visit your site,
and check out your products.

If you feel that you want to look into article marketing a little
bit further, then contact us! We’d be glad to give you some more
free advice!


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