Black Hat, White Hat, Or Old Hat?


It is a fact that any practice that you can use to generate organic search
engine traffic to your website is either benign or dangerous in terms of search
engine guidelines.

Blackhat seo, as we know, refers to all of the old and spammy techniques
that many webmasters have used to boost the rankings in the serp’s.

Blackhat practices have largely been replaced by more subtle grey hat
strategies, seeing as most of the older, blacker tactics relate primarily
to on page optimization, and we know that on page seo doesn’t carry the
same weight that it formerly did. You know, keyword stuffing, tiny text
and all that stuff – it just doesn’t work anymore anyway. In fact, it is
really cause and effect – on page factors have been devalued because
so many people abused them with dodgy seo practices.

Grey hat seo involves the spammy use of incoming links, mostly from web
2.0 sites ( most notably link wheels ). But, does grey hat seo work? Does
blackhat seo still exist, or have the search engines eliminated it for

Firstly, we specialize in whitehat seo, so we don’t really know that much
about the dark side. However, we do know black seo arts when we see

Black hat seo does still exist, and it is no doubt more sophisticated than
ever, but there is also no doubt that any positive results from black hat
seo will be short lived.

Seeing as the focus of all seo these days has moved onto off page seo, via
link building, it is less likely that a person would get their website banned with
black hat seo ( this is due to the fact that a webmaster is not in control of
who links to them – if dodgy inbound links got a website banned, then all an
dastardly competitor would have to do would be to build loads and spammy
links to your site to get rid of you ).

Black hat seo is still dangerous, however, as google and the other search
engines can sometimes catch you in the act ( link buying, for example )
through manual analysis. At best, black hat links will be de-valued, so you’ll
have wasted your time and money.

And, it is not uncommon even now to see dangerous on page tactics being
used by some seo experts ( not really experts, you know? ) and web designers.

Stuff like cloaked text, dodgy re-directs, hell, even keyword stuffing the page
title tags. Now, this stuff can get your site banned, seeing as its on page, and
therefore your responsibilty.

So, as far as on page seo is concerned, be careful who you use – you don’t
want the double whammy of a website that is ineffectively optimized and
dangerously black hat.

But, what about grey hat seo? Well, the fact is that while grey hat seo is
safer, less aggressive, it is naturally less effective than blackhat seo.

So, why not just employ whitehat methods, then?

Aggressive whitehat seo is the very best way to boost your website rankings
safely and steadily.

Popular white hat methods include: press releases, article marketing, social
bookmarking, link requests, and guest blogging to name but a few.

Expert search engine optimization consultants will know what is effective and
what is safe – the last thing you want is to waste time or risk your website
rankings on outdated ‘old hat’ methods.

If you need more specific advice on hats or seo, call us…


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