Building High Value Links

Building High Quality Inbound Links To Your Website

If you are lacking in experience in search engine optimization and
website promotion, you may be at a loss as regards the best way
to build links to your website.

Links are critically important as far as getting high search engine
rankings are concerned, but what are the best kind of links? What
link building strategies should you avoid? And how can you get the
kind of links you need to drive your website up in the search engine

To begin with, it is important to realise that the link building
strategies that worked 2 or 3 years ago, very often, won’t work

Among the methods that don’t work as well as they once did are:
article marketing, web 2.0 ‘link wheels’, blog comments, and social

But, these methods can be still worth employing – if you build them
in volume, they will improve your rankings, and they will diversify
your link profile ( google in particular likes to see inbound links from
many different sources ).

Then there are link building techniques that are actually detrimental
to your website – these techniques are known as ‘black hat seo.’

Before we get into what really works, lets briefly examine some
hazardous black hat strategies.

Link trading, or reciprocal linking which involves 2 websites
swapping links, is an outdated, even dangerous tactic – avoid it.

A more advanced concept along similar lines is three way linking,
which involves website A linking to website B, which then links to
website C, which then links back to website A.

This is better than reciprocal linking, because it doesn’t involve
any 2 sites linking directly to each other, but it is still traceable
by the search engines – it is also better avoided.

Aside from being black hat tactics, reciprocal linking and 3 way link
swaps aren’t that effective nowadays anyway – these links are nearly
always site-wide, which means that they are featured in the sidebar,
or footer, and not within the web-page content. Site-wide links have
very poor ranking value compared to contextual links ( links from
within the page content ).

In view of this, buying site-wide links outright is a bad idea, too – they
aren’t worth it and can get you banned from google and the other
search engines.

So, what kind of links are effective these days? For increasing your
search engine rankings, the very best kind of links you can get are
contextual anchor text links on high pr webpages.

This means that the links are contained within the body of an article,
with the clickable text of the link featuring one of your target key-

Each individual page on a website has it’s own pr ( google pagerank
score ), and high pr on the page level ( the page which contains your
link ) is extremely powerful.

So, how can you get links like this?

One of the best ways is guest writing ( similar to old fashioned link
requests ), wherein you write a high quality, unique article, which
you agree to deliver to another webmaster who will place the article
on their site, with a link back to your site.

It is actually surprisingly easy to find guest writing opportunities, as
so many bloggers are on the lookout for free, fresh, unique content.

Simply go to google and search using the following search query

“write for us”+your top level keyword ( ie, fitness, website design ).

“guest post by…”+your top level keyword.

“become a contributor”+your top level keyword.

The results will be full of potential guest blogging opportunities.

After your article is published, you can then boost the pagerank of
the page where it is placed by building other inbound links to it ( this
is easier if the site has high pr at the domain level, ie pr4 homepage )
and asking the webmaster to link to it internally from other high pr
pages on the site.

A similar strategy is to set up a squidoo lens or a hubpage ( huge,
high pr authority sites with user-generated content ), and then place
a unique article there with your anchor text link, then build links to
that page to build up its pr.

This may sound like quite a lot of work, and it is! But, this is what
you need to do to achieve high rankings these days.

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