Can Google Be Beaten?

Sometimes it seems like everybody wants to beat google
in some way. Other search engines are trying to grab
google’s market share, or at least some of it, facebook
is competing ( and even winning in some ways ) in the
traffic stakes, and search engine optimization specialists
are trying to beat the google search engine algorithms
and ‘steal’ top positions in the google index.

But, can google be beaten? More to the point, does it
need to be beaten?

Google is the world’s top search engine by some
considerable margin – bing and yahoo, at most control
20 – 30% of the search engine market share, and this is
not likely to change, no matter what you’ve heard.

In recent months, facebook has overtaken google in the
traffic stakes – but, what does this mean exactly? Does
it mean that facebook is generating more revenue than
google? No – the reality is that facebook and google
are two totally different entities, with totally
different objectives.

When people want to socialize, they go to facebook, when
they want to do research, or buy something, they go to
google. Can facebook compete with google in the search
engine stakes, though? Have you ever tried finding
stuff on facebook? The answer is a simple no way!

But, isn’t facebook launching an e-mail service? Yeah,
but so what? Even if they do grab some of google’s e-mail
market share, most people will probably still use their
g-mail account alongside facebook, especially seeing as
google links everything else to your e-mail account, too,
like google docs, analytics, and webmaster tools, to name
a few.

But, perhaps the most pertinent of all for internet marketers
is the question of whether normal website owners and / or
seo experts can beat google to grab top rankings.

The fact is that google isn’t competing with legitimate
online business owners – they want high quality sites with
high quality content in their indexes, so why would you
need to fight with them to get your site ranked?

Only spammers and scammers try to beat google, and they
always lose in the end.

So, stop fighting google – they’re smart, super-rich, and
you don’t need to fight them anyway. Work with google for
high rankings, and keep facebook, bing and yahoo in their
proper places.


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