DIY Seo – A Viable Option?


DIY Seo – The Facts

A very common question is this: is search engine optimization time consuming,
complex, or both?

Some business owners who are beginning to concentrate on their website’s are
very likely to wonder if DIY seo is an option.

After all, if seo isn’t too complicated or time consuming, then it may not be a
bad idea to handle it themselves.

Let’s closely examine this option, and also address the above questions.

So, is seo time consuming?

In a word: yes!

Especially if you don’t know what you are doing, which brings us to the
answer to the other part of the question – is seo complex?

Again, the answer is yes!

Seo is both time consuming and complex – particularly off-page seo, also
known as inbound link building.

There are many aspects to an effective search engine optimization campaign –
keyword research, optimizing content, calculating keyword density, using LSI
( latent semantic indexing ) keywords, building up a balanced link profile, the
list goes on and on.

In view of this, ‘do it yourself’ seo would almost certainly be a bad idea. The
fact is that if seo is performed incorrectly, it will not only be a waste of time
and effort, but it will actually damage your site!

Search engine optimization, on page and off page, must look natural to the
search engines – if a website looks over-optmized, or spammy, it will almost
definitely be penalized.

In fact, your website could even be de-indexed completely, never to return
again to the search engine results pages. Think of the huge waste of money
that would be.

Another consideration is this: the time that an entrepreneur could spend on
DIY seo and website promotion would be much better spent on the actual run-
ning of their core business.

Any money saved in seo consultancy costs could be quickly lost in other areas.

And, that is assuming the seo was executed competently in the first place ( very
rare in cases of DIY Seo ).

A much better plan would be to grab your own seo consultant.

An seo expert can carry out all of the painstaking research, analysis, on page
optimization, internal link building, and in-bound link development needed to make
your website move up to the top of the search engine rankings.

Any seo consultant, though, would need to be cost effective, with a proven track
record and some solid testimonials – so bear this in mind, too.

Doing proper research on any seo consultancy you may be interested in engaging
will enable you to avoid shady dealers, who practice ‘black hat’ seo.

Certainly, though, finding a good seo expert is your very best option, all-round.

We are currently offering a free seo consultation
( including a free website analysis ).

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