Do You Have An Isla De Muerta Website?

We’re getting better at the post title’s lately, aren’t we? So, what the hell are we talking about here? If you don’t happen to know it already, Isla De Muerta is an island in the pirates of the caribbean movies that can’t be found by anybody except those who already know where it is. Having a website that nobody can find is kind of similar, really, hence the comparison.

Really, a lot of people invest quite a lot of money on website design and even on site content creation in the mistaken belief ( if they think about it at all, that is ) that good on page SEO is all they need to get their website ranked highly in the search engines.

Those a little bit more in tune with reality, however, know that this is not the case – far from it. On page SEO is still something you should think about, but it won’t get you ranked by itself these days. Inbound links from a variety of other websites should be your primary focus – an ongoing link building campaign is the single most important thing that you can engage in as far as your online business is concerned – even more important than website design itself.

So, you need links from other websites for two reasons. The first and most important reason is to increase the authority of your own site, and by extension, it’s rankings for various keyword phrases related to your business.

The other reason, not to be overlooked, is referral, or click through, traffic from the sites containing your links.

These links can be likened to little dingy’s transporting visitors from other websites, or ‘islands’, to yours.

That’s why it’s reasonably important to get links from good quality websites that are topically related to your website whenever it is possible to do so.

So, the reality is that if you build a website to promote your business, and then leave it there without concentrating on incoming link development, you will have wasted your time and money – your website will get no search engine traffic, will deliver no leads, and will therefore make you no money.

So, here are the steps to take to stop your website from being a ‘ghost island’:

Do extensive keyword research in order to identify suitable keyword phrases that describe your products, services, or business.

Write high quality, unique content.

Optimise your key web pages for your main target keyword phrases.

Build high quality anchor text links from relevant sites back to your own site on an ongoing basis.

Follow these steps for great results, but be patient. Remember, to see good results with off page SEO can take several months, especially for newly registered domain’s.


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