Does SEO Work For New Sites?


SEO And New SitesSEO can be slow at the best of times, but is it even slower than usual if you’ve got a brand new domain? In a word, yes.

Although having said that, if the keywords you are optimizing for aren’t very competitive, then results can come fairly quickly. In most cases, though, you need to allow several months ( ouch ) for your newly crafted website to gain trust with the major search engines ( or, at least google ).

We’re really talking about three to six months at minimum.

This can come as somewhat of a blow to those hoping to hit the ground running and dominate the SERP’s overnight – it just won’t work like that. And the tougher the keywords, the longer it’ll take to get ranked ( this is also the case for aged websites, but the combination of new site and tough keywords is much worse ).

A common question, though, is this: suppose you register a new domain, then park it for, say, two months – do those two months count in the domain aging process? Many experts say no, but the evidence does suggest that this period of time actually does count – the date of registration is the real start date. This doesn’t mean that you should just buy domains and park them, however – on the contrary, the sooner you get your website set up with content and started with inbound link development, the better.

This brings us to another common question – should you build few links to your new site to avoid getting slapped? This is a common myth. The idea is that because a website is new, search engines will have a natural distrust of it and place it lower down in their index if you build links too quickly. It is true that search engines distrust new sites – that is why they won’t rank them highly for tougher keyword phrases whether you build links or not. Building a lot of links won’t get you slapped, so go ahead and build as many links as fast as you like – when the search engines do eventually begin to trust you, your links will “kick in” and give your site the boost you wanted. But, remember, it may not happen for several months. This could be referred to as the sandbox ( although we dislike the term ).

So, SEO does work for new sites, but not as well as for aged sites / domains. You can rank for lower competition phrases relatively quickly ( sometimes between 4 and 6 weeks ), especially if you’ve got good on page SEO. Building links fast won’t get your site slapped, but it may be a while before the credit for these links is reflected in your rankings. And finally, don’t expect to rank for any tough phrases for at least 6 months ( more like 9 – 12 months ).

Any questions, just let us know.

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