Fabulous Free Google Plus One Plugin

Continuing on from the google plus discussion in one of the more recent posts, we have now grasped the google plus one ( google+1, that is ) button firmly and with both hands and placed it on this site. And it looks pretty good ( click it, btw ). Now, as we know, the plus one button is similar to the facebook like button, and is distinct from the actual google plus network, which is a social network akin to facebook itself.

There are naturally a number of advantages to having the plus one button on your site, and there are full instructions on how to add it to your site on google’s own +1 page.

However, being huge wordpress fans, we felt impelled to locate a plug-in that would do the job automagically for wordpress fanatics. Seeing as the button is now proudly displayed on nearly every page of this site already, you’d be correct to assume that we found a wordpress plug-in that fits the bill, does the job and delivers the goods.

So, without further eloquence, here it is:

wordpress google+1 button – advanced plugin, includes re-direction.

Yeah – that is the name. Couldn’t they have come up with something more concise? Probably, but who cares? It works, and even better, its free!

Here is a basic run down of the key features:

Flexible placement options within both posts and pages.
The option to display number of +1 shares ( to impress your visitors, of course ).
Four size / style options.
Option to disable on key pages, including the homepage.

You can pick it up here, or simply install it from within your wp-admin area. Just get it on there now – more shares can boost your search engine rankings ( strange, granted, but true apparently ).


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