Focus On Google!

Focus On Google For Free Website Visitors!

We all know by now that google is the number one search engine,
followed by a distant second in the form of yahoo, with bing
trailing in at number three. In fact, google has been way ahead
of the pack practically from it’s inception way back in 1999.

In terms of market share, google is in a class by itself – it is
difficult to get reliable stats, but experts reckon that google
controls up to 80% of the search engine market.

But, even though google can bring you more traffic, yahoo and
bing have less competition.

Could it be a good idea to focus on these other search engines
when you are promotiong your web properties?

In our opinion – no! Here’s why:

Contrary to popular opinion, it is best to pick one search engine
and focus your efforts on it alone.

Other search engines, particularly bing, use a different criteria
to rank webpages than google, so you may not be able to rank
well in both ( although often, you can ). So, you’ll have to focus
on one search engine – this should be google!

Ask yourself this: when was the last time you used yahoo or bing
to search for something online?

Google is very likely where you do all of your searches online.

Therefore, as a online marketer, google is also where your focus
should be.

Rest assured, the traffic that you would receive by ranking in the
secondary search engines would be absolutely trivial compared
to what you can get from google.

But, what specifically makes google so popular?

Simply put, google is the most technologically advanced search
engine around. It uses a crawler based system to access and index
an incredible number of pages every second of every day. With its
super-advanced algorithms, it produces highly relevant, fresh web
content ( especially since the ground-breaking google caffiene

Ok – their sponsored listings ( also known as adwords ads ) are
irritating, but at this stage, everything else about the google
experience, for searchers and marketers alike, is pretty much

So, focus on google! And if you happen to rank well in the other
search engine results pages, then well and good. But, if not, so
what? Hit the top spots in google and you’re laughing.

Even the searchers that do conduct searches on bing and yahoo
probably search for the same terms on google anyway, so do your-
self a favour and focus on the big g.


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