Getting Started With Google Analytics

Getting Started With Google Analytics

Google analytics is a fantastic, sophisticated website tracking system that
allows you to analyse your website traffic in great detail.

As the name suggests, it is a service supplied by google themselves.

Google analytics is free to join, and setting up an account is easy.

Follow these instructions to get started:

Go to, and click the ‘sign up now’ button.

This will take you to the sign in page, where you’ll be prompted to either
sign in with your existing google account details ( which will be your gmail
address and password ), or ‘create an account now’ – if you don’t have a
gmail account, click this link and create one, then return to the sign in page.

When you’ve entered in your gmail details, you’ll be taken to the next page,
which has a box labeled ‘sign up for google analytics’.

Click the ‘sign up’ button, then on the following page enter your website
address, account name ( name it what you like ), and country, then click

Then, simply enter your name in the next field, accept the google analytics
terms of service, click the ‘create new account’ button, and that’s it –
you’ve now got yourself a shiny new google analytics account!

Next, you’ll be taken to a page containing a piece of javascript code –
this is the google analytics tracking code. Copy and paste this code onto
every page of your website, just before the closing head tag in the html

After you’ve installed the google analytics tracking code ( also known as
the GATC ), return and click the ‘save and finish’ button at the bottom of
the page where you got the code.

This will take you to the analytics settings page, where your website will
be listed ( under ‘website profiles’ ). Click the ‘edit profile’ button, and
you’ll be taken to the profile settings page.

On the top right of the settings page, you’ll see a link marked as ‘check
status’. Click it – it will take you to the tracking code page.

The tracking status box at the top of the page should state the following:

“Analytics has been successfully installed and data is being gathered now”.

Now wait 24 hours and log back in to your account – your reports should
now be displaying visitor information.

So, that’s the easy part. Next, you’ll have to properly configure your website

Look out for that in the next post in the google analytics series.

( If you’re having trouble with google analytics, just let us know – we’d be
happy to help! ).


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