Google Caffeine Update

Whats The Deal With Google Caffeine?

This summer google launched a major new update, described as
‘google caffeine’.

A strange name, for sure, but what does it mean for you as a
searcher, and as an online marketer?

Basically, it concerns a new system of indexation, resulting in
faster indexing of new content. So, as a searcher, you will get
more relevant results, faster. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

But, many online entrepreneurs are worried that this so-called
‘caffeine’ update will ruin their search engine rankings. How
might this happen?

Well, for old school static html websites that haven’t been up-
dated for ages, it may be bad news. Google is now more than
ever looking for fresh content from blogs, social media sites,
and video sites – their new index allegedly has 50% fresher
content than before.

As a google user, this is a really good thing – how many times
have you typed in a search query, only to be confronted with
search results from 2007? Not good when you are after bang
up to date information.

And now that google is facing stiff competition from facebook,
it is more important than ever that they provide their users
with what they want.

This can be an advantage for webmasters who put in the work
to provide fresh, news-worthy content to their website visitors,
so if you haven’t yet got a blog, strongly consider setting one

Whatever type of website you have, though, make sure that it
contains fresh, regularly updated, unique content.

Then promote this high quality onsite content via busy social
media channels, such as rss aggregators, social bookmarking
sites, and video sites, for a consistent flow of fresh inbound
links, and new ‘social buzz’ around your services and products.

To summarize then, do not believe the scare-mongers who say
that google caffeine will mean doom for your website – the odds
are they are trying to peddle you something anyway. The truth
is this:

If your website is set up and promoted the right way, it will be
successful, caffeine or no caffeine. But, with the right strategy,
you can use the caffeine update to your advantage.

Google is constantly refining their search engine algorithims –
and this is good! Google caffeine is another step forward – go
out and take advantage of it!


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