Google Instant Search – A Brilliant Idea?

Google Instant Search – helpful, or hypey?

So, if you are a regular google searcher ( pretty likely ), you will have heard
that google is now delivering search results in a different manner.

Google instant search actually produces the search results while you are still
in the process of typing your search query.

So, if your search phrase contains three keywords, for example, as you are
typing, google instant will show the search results for the first word alone,
then the first and second word, and then finally all three words.

By the time you stop typing, the results will already be displayed – without
you even having to hit the search button.

Plus, you also have the usual predictive google suggest box, which can save
you having to type in the entire phrase.

The best way to experience it is to try it – if you don’t have it on your browser
yet, you can get it from google here and see for yourself just how it works in

The strange thing is this – many people are complaining about it! Why?

We think it is a fantastic advancement – it saves time, produces relevant
search results ( as ever from google ), and it even provides helpful keyword
suggestions, some of which you may not have thought of off-hand.

Nay-sayers are claiming that the suggest feature is biased towards the most
commercially valuable terms ( which google makes more money off, if you click
an adwords ad ), rather than the most relevant terms.

This theory is wrong from the ground up.

Firstly, you don’t have to use the suggest box – it is only there as a convenience.
It doesn’t affect how you type in your search phrases, and you can completely
ignore it if you want.

Secondly, who says that relevancy and commercial value are mutually exclusive?
Very often, you’ll find that the search terms that best describe whatever it is that
you are searching for will also have the most adwords ads anyway.

Plus, why would it matter? As the searcher, it won’t cost you any money. It is
pretty obvious that google does not sacrifice the user experience to make more

On the contrary, google are so successful due to the fact that they provide their
searchers with what they want, when they want it.

As for the relevance of the search results – this is the exact same as google’s
normal search results.

So, really nothing good has been sacrificed by the introduction of google instant

Also, as seo experts, we have found absolutely no adverse affects on the rankings
of any of the websites that we have been working on.

So, is google instant search a fantastic idea? Our answer is: definitely!

Google just keeps getting better and better.


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