Google Maps Optimization

If you’ve got a local business, then you’re probably considering creating and optimizing a listing on google places.

Many consultants offer this service, known as google maps optimization.

A well optimized and promoted google maps listing will show up in the natural search results for searches with local intent, such as “Dublin plumber”, or “beauty salon, Belfast”.

There is no doubt that it can be a real advantage getting your google maps listing into the normal google listings, especially seeing as these google local listings appear above the normal organic search results.

To appear here, though, a business will sometimes have to compete with dozens, maybe even hundreds of other businesses.

At most, only seven listings will be shown, in a section called the “7 box”, above the search results, like the example below:

Being placed here isn’t as good as having your own website at the top of the google index, but it is still good to be there – but how do you get your listing into the 7 box when there are so many other similar businesses trying to beat you to it?

Firstly, make sure that your google maps listing is completed fully, with contact details, photos, and a link to your website.

More importantly, make sure that you have prepared a keyword-rich description and selected a number ( up to five ) of relevant categories.

User interaction is a factor, so if there are positive user reviews on your listing, this will also help push your listing up.

All of the above are relatively straight-forward, so don’t let an SEO consultancy charge you big fees for doing this stuff.

More complex, though, is the promotion of your google maps listing – depending on the strength of the competition, the only way your business will appear in the 7 box is with proper promotional activities, similar to conventional seo link building ( instead of links, you’ll need “citations” )

It is important, though, to prioritize. A google local listing is good to have, but don’t get carried away with it your energy and resources would be better spent on other promotional strategies, such as on page optimization, link building, and even ppc and banner ads.

If you require google maps optimization advice, we can help you – optimizing your listing is a small job, we can likely do it much cheaper than other agencies.

If you are in a competitive area, we can also provide you with a free quote on a promotional campaign to help drive your listing into the 7 box.

For free advice, contact us!

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