Is All Website Traffic Equal?


Surely you will have heard by now all about the importance of
getting traffic, or visitors, to your website. This is pretty
obvious, but the fact that so many people seem to overlook it
by putting up sites that sit there, traffic free, for months
and years on end, means that there is no shortage of experts
online going on about it practically non stop – ‘Traffic is
the lifeblood of your website..’, and all that.

But, lets move beyond that. Is all traffic created equal?
Obviously, the answer is no, otherwise this would be a very
short article. But, how is this the case?

The reality is that there are many ways for people to land on
a website, some people will be seriously interested in what
you have featured on your webpages, some won’t. More to
the point, some will have commercial intent, and some won’t.
The amount of each that you’ll get will depend, at least to an
extent, on what your traffic sources are.

Let’s take a quick look at the various types of visitors you
could end up with on your site:


Most people don’t consider this one, but if you are advertising
and optimizing a website, you are making it visible to your
direct competitors, as well as to your potential customers.
Naturally, your competitors are going to be keenly interested
in the contents of your site, particularly your price structure.

Some of them may even learn stuff, if you’re generous with
your content ( that reminds me, note to my competitors –
enjoy the site, guys!).

Naturally, this type of traffic is of no commercial value to

Friends and family members

When you give your website address to friends, family and
neighbours, they are also going to check your site out.
This can be great for getting feedback and advice.

Traffic from ppc ( pay per click ) ads

This can be high quality traffic, in that the visitors are
targeted, but conversions tend to be low for paid advertising
– people are naturally distrustful of websites that use paid

Visitors from banner ads

Click through rates and conversions are low, due to the point
made above, plus the fact that the visitors have not actively
searched for keywords related to your website – they simply
clicked a banner when they happened to be on someone else’s

Visitors from search engines

These are the best visitors you can get to your website. If you
are high up in the SERP’s, then you will enjoy high click through
rates, highly targeted traffic, and higher than usual conversion
rates, as searchers trust websites in the free listings much more
than those in the ppc sections of the search pages. A strong
seo campaign is all it takes ( well, pretty much ).

You will get some competitors clicking on your listing, but at
least it won’t cost you money in this case ( unlike ppc ads, for
instance ).

So, all traffic is not created equal – search engine traffic is
the purest, most resonsive traffic there is. Grab some as soon
as you can.


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