Is There An SEO Silver Bullet?


Funny we should mention bullets, isn’t it? Bullets, assassins, get it?

You’ve heard of silver bullets before, yeah? If not, silver bullets are like magic buttons, loopholes, pixie dust – you get the idea. Is there such a thing as an SEO silver bullet, then? Something alomost magical that will boost your search engines rankings with little investment of either time or effort?

Hmm, how can we put this – err, no. Come on, seriously, you didn’t think we’d say yes, did you? Well, we do hate saying no, but sometimes there’s nothing else for it. Basically, hard work is the only thing the search engines understand. Search engine optimization is tough all round, even if you know what you are doing.

Its boring, too, by the way. That’s why people look for silver bullets – they don’t like the fact the SEO is tough, complicated and boring. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous people out there ready to peddle unsuspecting folks interested in making things easier on themselves the idea that high search engine rankings for tough keywords can be easily achieved, if you have access to:

the right SEO course

the right SEO software

the right SEO support forum

etc etc etc..

Honestly, these guys are so boring, with their $77 courses, and software that’s going to make you a zillion quid overnight. Now, don’t get us wrong here, there are loads of good software programs and SEO courses available out there. Just beware of something that promises the earth and only invest in solid, realistic stuff and you should be fine. And, really, forums? What is so great about forums? Forums are just about one of the best ways to waste your time on the internet. And how many times have you visited a forum thread that seems to be relevant to you only to discover that the most recent post was three years ago? Its a truly terrible feeling. There’s no doubt about it, forums are generally useless and boring places. Shocking viewpoint, we know, but we’re being honest here.

So, is the SEO assassins team a bunch of pious SEO purists? Do we sound like that? Hopefully not, because we definitely are not – we just hate to see people being ripped off.

So, what is the key to SEO success? You’re asking us? How about hard work? It definitely beats silver bullets every time.

Btw, check out our new backlink packages – we couldn’t resist using a bullet themed price structure ( no connection to this article, though – these are realistic packages ).

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