Making Money With Google Adsense

Monetizing Your Website With Google Adsense

If your website is getting decent traffic, you may have
considered adding some google adsense ads to it to make
some extra cash.

Google adsense is the google adwords advertising system
for placing relevant ads on third party websites. Anyone
with a website and a google adsense account ( which is
free to set up ) can make money from adsense.

It works like this: you add a custom google adsense java-
script code to your website, which will then display ads
from the google adwords display network within your
page content.

You can select text, image, or even video ads to display.
For text ads, you can select the size, font and colour of
the ads so that they blend in well with your website design

All of this is then programmed into your custom javascript
code, which you can easily copy and paste into your web-

You subsequently get paid every time someone clicks or
views your ads.

Adsense, therefore sounds like a pretty good proposition.
But, should you really use it? Does it have any drawbacks?

The main advantage is that adsense is easy – many people
online today are ‘click happy’, so a high percentage of
visitors will click the ads.

As well as this, it is also the path of least resistence – your
visitors don’t have to buy anything, or part with any contact
details, yet you still receive a commission.

Free money? Not quite – on to the bad stuff.

Firstly, your commissions will be very low, so unless you
have high traffic volume, you will definitely not earn very
much money.

But, the main drawback is this: for you to make money from
adsense, your visitors have to click ads that take them off
of your website
and on to someone else’s!

Unless you have a so called ‘made for adsense’ site ( which
is highly unlikely ), then you will be much better off having
your visitors stay on your website until they take the action
that you would like them to take, like purchasing one of your
products, opting in to your e-mail list, requesting a quote,
or using your contact page to request more information about
your services or products.

These actions, although less frequent, have the potential to
be much more profitable.

It is a very bad idea to distract your visitors with ads that
will take them away from what you really want them to look
at and act upon – the content on your own site.

So, our advice is this: forget about google adsense. If your
site has high search volume, use this traffic to build up your
own business and market your own products – do not siphon
any of your hard earned visitors off to other websites.


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