New Google Updates!

On Febuary 24 this year, google officially unleashed its latest
search engine update, dubbed the panda/farmer update
( or updates ).

Google is constantly refining its search engine algorithms, and
these latest update are targeting low value websites, often
described as content farms and scraper sites.

Many websites with large amounts of pages with little content,
or duplicate content have been hit hard by this update, as have
broad sites covering a large number of different topics.

One of the most famous casualties of the google farmer update is
the enormously popular article directory,,
which may have suffered as large as a 35% decrease in traffic –
practically overnight.

So far, only US websites have been affected, but hopefully the
update will be extended worldwide in the near future.

Hopefully? Yes – even though many online marketers are scared by
the concept of google updates, in reality they are a good thing!

Competently built websites, with high quality, original content
and plenty of inbound links will continue to rank highly in google,
while algoritm updates will only serve to remove more and more of
the lower quality, ‘lazy’ websites that we all hate anyway.

The user experience is improved, which is good for everyone who
uses google as their search engine of choice.

But, what about How did it get slapped by the
google gods? is a huge site, with user-generated content, a
lot of which is also being submitted elsewhere online – it is no
surprise that google doesn’t want too much of this type of content
in their indexes.

Article directories are still great for links, though, if not for
referral traffic.

So, as an online entrepreneur, how should you react to the google
panda slash farmer update?

Give google what they want! Keep a close eye on the quality and
quantity of your on-site articles ( generally aim for at least 300
words ), avoid duplicate or even spun content, and continue to
build high quality incoming links to your web-pages.

The odds are, your rankings will actually improve!


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