Google Places Optimization Now Available!

Google places optimization, or google local marketing as it is also called, can be a cost-effective way to place your business in front of your potential customers as they search for products and services on google.

Many online marketing agencies will charge very high fees for setting up and managing your google places account, but the reality is, in most cases, it is a pretty straight-forward job that can be executed for a very reasonable cost by our skilled team.

It involves adding your business to google places, ( formerly google maps ), where it is visable to searchers looking for local services.

Google will detect searches that display local intent, and will display the most relevant google places results, very often within the normal search results pages.

The competition is steadily increasing for google places, with a maximum of 7 listings being displayed in the search results page – to get into the top 7 ( also known as the 7 box ), a degree of promotional work is required, akin to normal SEO link building.

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