Keyword Research

Keywords, also described as key-phrases, are the terms that searchers type into the search engine search boxes to find what they are looking for.

Before you optimize and promote your website, you must first identify which keywords you are going to target.

This can only be accomplished by in-depth keyword research.

It is likely that you already have some keywords related to your business in mind – this is a good place to start, but before you go out and optimize your website for these phrases, they must be analysed thoroughly for a number of important factors.

Very often, the phrases you think are the right ones are, in fact, the ones that could prove to be the biggest waste of your time.

Good key-phrases have good, consistent search volume, and are commercial in nature.

They must also have acceptable competition levels.

Target the wrong keywords and you will needlessly waste all of your subsequent online marketing efforts. We can offer you the guidance you need to wade through a minefield of poor keywords.

Once we have identified the best keywords to go after, we can then work on optimizing your web-pages for these phrases. We will select both primary and secondary keywords for your webpages, including theme related phrases and synonymic terms for effective LSI ( latent semantic indexing ).

We can analyse any keywords you may have in mind, and we can generate a list of new related keywords that we will then thoroughly assess for you – the danger of targeting the wrong keywords is totally eliminated.

Whether you already have a website and want to identify some new phrases to target, or whether you are just about to launch a website and want to get it off to a solid start, we can do a fantastic job for you.

We can provide keyword research as a standalone service, or integrate it into a complete SEO strategy for you.

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