SEO Copywriting

When you have identified your target keywords through thorough research and analysis, you must focus on creating effective and compelling website content, optimized for these keywords.

This is part of effective on page SEO. When we are taking care of your website’s on page SEO, we can either supply you with a report, in the form of a checklist, which will tell you where the keyphrases need to go on the each page. Or, we can write the content for you.

With our team of talented and experienced SEO writers, your website content will be both well optimized for the search engine spiders, and pleasing to your visitors.

Content will be thoroughly researched and written to your specification.

Not only will you receive more visitors through free search engine traffic, but these visitors will be more responsive to your offers, as well as being more impressed with the high quality of your website content.

Plus, you will have the added bonus of not having to slave over your keyboard day and night, struggling to map keywords to content, and constantly trying to calculate an optimal keyword density – instead, you will be free to concentrate on other areas of your business.

See our price-list below:

400 – 500 words €24.

500 – 600 words €28.

600 – 700 words €34.

700 – 800 words €38.

800 – 900 words €44.

900 – 1000 words €48.

Prices include meta tags, header tags, image alt tags and page content.

Custom quotes are also available – send us your requirements today. We are always happy to help!

Remember, to get your webpages ranked highly in the search engines, you will need high quality links to your site – so make sure you have high quality, well optimised content to link to!