Rss Feeds Explained

RSS Explained

Rss can be quite a confusing subject. Firstly, there is a debate
about what RSS stands for – commonly, it is described as “really
simple syndication”, but it is also know as “rich site summary.”

Strange or what?

But, what really is RSS? and why do you need to know about it?

Basically, rss is the newsfeed from your website or blog – it is
therefore referred to as your website’s rss feed.

Your rss feed will be in the form of a document, which is updated
every time there is something new on your site. Your visitors can
then access your rss feed through your rss feed url.

Your rss feed url is basically your website address with a /feed
extension, like this:

Your website vistors can then subscribe to your feed to receive
updates every time there is some new content on your site.

To access your rss feed, your subscribers will need a feed reader,
in the form of a desktop application, or a online service, like
google reader, which is free.

Rss feeds can now contain video and audio, as well as text, so
they are great for interacting with your folowers and clients.

WordPress blogs have rss feeds as standard, but a normal html web-
site will need to have an rss feed manually created. But, this can
be done with little difficulty.

So, how can RSS benefit your business online?

It is possible to submit your rss feed to online services known as
rss aggregators. There are scores of these services online, and
submitting your feed to them can provide your website with exposure
and backlinks.

If you have accounts on web 2.0 sites, like squidoo or hubpages for
example, they will also have rss feeds which you can then submit to
the rss aggregator services for even greater exposure.

Links from rss aggregators are not the most powerful, but they are
still valuable for link diversity. Plus, the help to get your content
indexed faster by the search engines.

As well as this, rss feeds also provide you with the opportunity to
build up a number of loyal subscribers, with very little extra effort
( unlike building up a list of twitter, or facebook followers ).

We offer rss submission as a standard part of our seo campaigns,
which can save enormous time – submitting all of your rss feed url’s
( from web 2.0 sites, article directory profiles, social bookmarking sites
etc ) can be very time consuming.

Finally, to subscribe to the rss feed of this site, grab a google reader
account, and then click the large rss icon on the sidebar – this will help
you to know how an rss feed subscription works, plus it will give you
access to all of the free content on this site, automatically.

Hope this helps!

Feel free to leave questions or comments below.


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