Social Bookmarking Basics

Social Bookmarking Basics

What is social bookmarking, and how can it benefit your online

Social bookmarking is a big part of web 2.0. Basically, it works
like this:

If you join an online bookmarking service, like digg or reddit,
you can ‘bookmark’ interesting content as you are surfing the
internet. Much like you would in your own browser.

The difference is that rather than just bookmarking a webpage
for easy reference, you can actually share your newly book-
marked content with other people who are using the same
service, hence the name ‘social’ bookmarking.

You also have the advantage of being able to gain access to
your bookmarked content through your member’s account
( be it on digg, or whatever ) on any computer, anywhere.

So, it is pretty easy to see why social bookmarking is popular
among internet users, particularly those who like to pass on
valuable, or interesting content.

But, from the perspective of an entrepreneur promoting their
own website, the question is: how can social bookmarking
help me to promote my business?

Social bookmarking is used by many webmasters to promote
their sites and build backlinks.

Here is how it works from a promotional point of view:

When someone bookmarks a page on your site, the bookmark
contains a link back to your site.

As well as this, they will place this bookmark where it can be
viewed by other users, which can also lead to referral traffic
from the social bookmarking site itself.

This may sound good, but there is no denying that social
bookmarks are low value links.

Add to this the fact that it is highly unlikely that you will get
very much, if any, significant referral traffic, and it appears
to be the case that social bookmarking is not something that
you should focus on very much.

There is also the problem of how to get your content book-
marked in the first place.

Many people socially bookmark their own content, from their
own personal social bookmarking accounts, that they set up

This is certainly a bad idea – neither the search engines, nor
the social bookmarking services themselves are easy to fool,
so self promoters and spammers won’t get very far.

In view of all of this, then, is it even worth getting social book-
marking links at all?

And if so, how do you get genuine bookmarks to your content?

Firstly, it is still worth getting social bookmarking links.

The search engines crawl these bookmarking sites often, so any
links from them are picked up very quickly – for getting your new
content indexed fast, social bookmarking is great.

Social bookmarks also add diversity to your link profile and make
your link development look more balanced and natural.

So, how do you get these social bookmark links without doing
them yourself ( which is incredibly labour intensive, even with
automation software )?

Firstly, make it as easy as possible for your visitors to bookmark
your content. Add links to bookmarking sites after your posts (
like the links at the bottom of this post! ).

Secondly, outsource the task to skilled seo and social media

They will promote your content across the internet, creating a
‘social buzz’ and natural social bookmarking links for you.

So, only do social bookmarking as part of a much wider online
promotional strategy, but don’t overlook it – it can definitely help
your business!


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