The Dangers Of Employing The Wrong SEO Consultants

If you are interested in improving the rankings of your web pages, then you will probably need to employ the services of an SEO consultant. This may seem straightforward, but most of the time it isn’t. The SEO assassins team knows the difference between good and bad SEO consultants, and a lot of the time, we are frustrated to see many website owners making the wrong choices.

Picking the wrong SEO consultancy can be a very serious and costly mistake – you will lose money, time, and potential profits.

Anonymous Case Study ( this is real, but we can’t name the people involved ):

Recently we came across an interesting project. The person in question owned a corporate website and wanted to get some organic search engine traffic, but knew little of keyword research techniques. They picked an un-named agency to carry out SEO work, apparently with a monthly fee structure for link building.

The SEO consultant involved targeted two keyword phrases by placing them in the title tag of the home page ( as well as a ton of other keywords that don’t even appear on the web page – spam alert! Oh, and we better not mention the duplicate content issues ). The thing is, they selected the singular version of the first phrase when they should have targeted the plural and vice versa for the second phrase – the variations with the lowest search volume by a mile.

But why, you ask – why would they target the keyword variations with a fraction of the traffic volume? To make things easier on themselves, of course! The variations that they selected are much less competitive, and hence much easier to rank for.

Then, they take two to three months to work on these phrases, one of which is still on the second page, the other of which is still languishing on the bottom of the first page, whereas anybody that is actually any good at SEO could do a much better job in a fraction of the time – and for a lower cost. And of course, the rankings are a moot point as the keywords have no traffic volume to begin with!

Yet, the client is possibly even happy, totally oblivious to the fact that they have been completely ripped off.

SEO Assassins Case Study:

A client comes to us with a specific ( ‘very competitive’, to quote them ) keyword phrase that they want to rank for in google UK – we work on it on a pay on results basis.

They tell us that they’ll be happy with a top 3 position in December or January – we deliver a number one ranking for their target phrase in November, in google UK and ( proof of this is available upon request ).

Above board and legit SEO experts, like us, aren’t afraid to put their money where their mouths are. We offer a pay on results service – this means that we get nothing unless you get results.

If you plan on employing an SEO agency, test them out by asking for pay on results terms.

Either way, be careful not to employ the wrong SEO consultants ( that is, practically everybody other than us ).

If you hire an Irish SEO agency other than SEO assassins, we will likely end up competing against you by working for one of your competitors – a scary thought.

If we were somebody else, we wouldn’t like having to compete against us.

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