Video Marketing – Is It Worth The Effort?

Is Video Marketing Right For You?

Youtube is one of the biggest websites on the planet, and it deals exclusively with videos.

For this reason, many internet marketing experts suggest video marketing as a great means
of grabbing more internet traffic.

So, should video marketing be a part of your search engine marketing campaigns?

In this post, we will closely examine that question.

Firstly, though, a brief explanation of how video marketing works:

There are many different types of online videos that you can utilize to promote your
business – slideshow and powerpoint videos, camtasia videos, interviews – it all depends
on the nature of your business and the purpose of the videos you need to make ( types
of videos, and how to produce them are are covered in other posts ).

Once you have produced a video, you can then either use it to market your services
by placing it on your own site ( like a sales video, or an instructional video, for instance ),
or you can distribute it online to popular video sites, primarily youtube.

Other popular video sites are dailymotion, hulu, veoh, metacafe, and vimeo.

The purposes of doing so are as supposedly as follows:

1 Your videos are syndicated across several sites online, which can lead to referal traffic
from these sites. As well as directing your viewers to your website through the video itself,
your description will contain a link back to your website, for easy click through traffic.

2 If you use your target keyphrases in your video descriptions, you will find that your videos
can sometimes show up near the top of the google search results pages ( provided the phrase
isn’t too competitive ).

3 The video sites that support hyperlinks will provide you with backlinks to your website, for
added seo value.

This is all great in theory, but here are the facts:

Producing high quality, professional videos is hard work – if you want to go ahead with video
marketing, consider hiring a professional ( which could cost quite a bit ).

The backlinks from video sites are very low value, so they will have very little impact on the
rankings of your main website – so forget about them for seo purposes.

Even though videos can rank well in google, these rankings are usually very short-lived – your
video will likely disappear off the first page altogether within a week or two.

Even those people who do find your video, through a youtube or google search, will be very
unlikely to click through to your website – most people will just watch the video, then forget it
instantly ( even if it’s excellent ) and move on to other videos.

So, here is our advice – don’t bother with video marketing, it’s not worth it. It will be unlikely
to provide you with a good return on your investment.

If you are going to create videos, use them on your own website for educational purposes, or
to convert browsers into clients.

Disagree with our viewpoint on video marketing? Let us know! Leave a comment below….


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