What Is SEO?

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which is a term that covers website
optimisation and promotion for the purpose of ranking well in search engines like
google, yahoo and bing.

The concept of SEO is very simple:

When a searcher types their query into the search box of a search engine, the
search engine will produce results that are highly relevant to what the searcher
is looking for.

If you own the site that is at the top of the search engine results pages, then
you will get a huge portion of the search traffic available for this phrase ( as
high as 40% plus, if you’re number one ).

Furthermore, this traffic is likely to be highly responsive, due to the fact that the
potential customers have come looking for you, not to mention the fact that the
search engine has, in effect, vouched for your website by placing it at the top of
their index.

Quite a reversal compared to traditional advertising, where you have to look for
the prospect, and then try to persuade them to become a customer.

With SEO, the prospect finds you, arriving at your site already very much inclined
towards what you are offering .

Oh, and did we mention that search engine traffic is free?

So, how does SEO actually work?

It has two basic aspects – on page SEO and off page SEO.

On page SEO naturally refers to the factors that are part of your own webpages –
these factors are completely under your control.

To optimise your website effectively, you must focus on placing your target key-
words onto your pages.

The keywords should be included in your page title/html file name, and in your
meta tags.

There are 3 main meta tags – meta-title, meta-keywords and meta-description.
The meta title and meta description tags are what will be visible when your page
in listed in the search engine results pages.

The html file name is simply the name of the page in your html editor or wordpress
admin area – this will be visible in your domain name extention, like this:


It can also be a good idea to include target phrases in your header tags – these
are the sub-headings in the body of the page content.

As for the page content itself, you need to put your keywords in there, too.

Keywords must be placed in the proper areas of the page content a certain number
of times – the proper keyword density, proximity, prominence and frequency must
all be calculated in advance, before the content is even written.

On page SEO is essential in your quest for high rankings, but it is not the only, or
even the primary, part of a successful search engine optimisation strategy.

Off page SEO, or link building, is the other part of the equation.

This is where the rubber hits the road – effective link building is vital to the success
of any SEO campaign these days.

It is much more important than on page SEO, but it is also more difficult.

Most websites fail to rank because they pick the wrong keywords and/or get their
link building campaign wrong.

Link building is referred to as off page SEO due to the fact that the links are being
built on other peoples sites – sites that are out of your control. This is part of what
makes it so difficult.

Usually, another website will only link to yours for a good reason. Your website would
have to have considerable merit to get a link from a highly authoritative website, for

Yet, this is what you need to rank well – high quality links, usually in high volumes,
with relevant keyword anchor text ( the anchor text is the clickable part of the link,
usually blue and underlined ).

This is very difficult to achieve, especially considering all of the other variables that
are beyond the scope of this article.

To summarize, if you can get your webpages to the top of the search engine indexes
for valuable, relevant keyphrases, then you are in a very strong position.

But, getting there can be very tough, and unless you have a ton of time, and don’t
mind risking your website’s ranking ability, then you need access to a cost effective,
skilled SEO consultancy.

That would be us!

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