What Is Web 2.0?

What Is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is a difficult term to define. Essentially it refers to the online
shift towards user generated content and social networking.

Examples of web 2.0 are facebook, wikipedia, flickr, youtube, social
sites like digg and delicious, and blogs, such as those
from blogger.com, wetpaint and easyjournal ( also described as social
media sites ). Even self hosted wordpress sites ( like this one ) come
under the description of web 2.0.

The emphasis of web 2.0 is very much on the sharing of information
on the internet.

The question is, though: can web 2.0 and social media really help
you to market your business online?

The answer is yes – Web 2.0 and social media can be useful tools,
but caution is needed.

For example, an e-mail account is pretty much essential for anyone
who spends any time online, either for business or personal reasons.

But, if you were to spend half the day reading or sending e-mails,
your e-mail account could quickly become more of a distraction than
anything else.

To illustrate the point: if you have a facebook fan page ( which can
supplement your personal profile ), then you probably already know
that it can be very time consuming building up a client base this way.

Facebook is great when you are starting off online and don’t have a
website, but developing a thriving facebook fan page can be serious
grunt work – and the fact is that this time would be much more
profitably spent developing your own website.

Social media, including facebook, can be very effective for getting
your site indexed, diversifying your link profile and networking with
your business associates and clients, but if you get so preoccupied
by it that you neglect other essential areas of your business, then
it is no longer a productive online promotional strategy.

But, is web 2.0 an important part of a search engine optimization

Again, the answer is yes! But web 2.0 is a serious time vampire, and
it is essential that it is integrated into your seo campaign by skilled

Otherwise, you could lose a lot of time and achieve very poor results.

We utilize select web 2.0 elements to promote our clients’ website’s.

These include:
Rss submissions ( as standard ), social bookmarking, blog set up and
social media account creation, twitter, video marketing, and more.

Facebook marketing may also be integrated into our campaigns, but
we feel that the benefits of doing so are questionable.

The fact is that web 2.0 will not get a website ranking highly by itself,
but it is still an important aspect of a good website promotion strategy.

Our advice is to utilize web 2.0 first of all be setting up your own self-
hosted wordpress website or blog, then use other forms of web 2.0 and
social media to promote this main website.

If you don’t have the time or experience to do this, then outsource it
to a wordpress expert or website designer.

A wordpress site will have many advantages for internal optimization,
and it will also mix well with a web 2.0 style promotional campaign, which,
in turn should be part of a broader link building and promotional campaign.

For more free advice, don’t hesitate to call us!

Ps Look out for an upcoming post on facebook marketing.


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