What’s All The Fuss About Google Plus?

First of all, the title is pretty clever, isn’t it? Well, ok – not really, but at least we put some effort in. So, the google +1 button seems to be everywhere these days ( well – not quite, we don’t have it yet – update: we do now ), but what is google+? What does it do? Should you put the +1 button on your website?

As you probably already know if you’ve been looking through some of the other
posts on this site, we are really big google fan’s. In fact, we don’t even
bother using any other search engines ( we rank in bing and yahoo strictly by
accident ).

Our assets focus on optimizing websites for google, as it has the biggest market
share ( 80 percent plus ).

But, the fact is that google doesn’t do everything right. Maybe social networking
isn’t their strong point. On the other hand, maybe they can deal a death blow to
facebook by beating them at their own game.

So, What Is Google+?

Google plus is a new social networking platform that integrates many of google’s
existing features into a single interface, and adds interactive elements akin to
facebook. So, while facebook is trying to figure out ways to develop new tools to
rival google’s existing tools, google is leveraging their existing tools and adding
new tools to beat facebook. Pretty straightforward, then. In conjunction with google+
the social network, there is the google+1 button, which you can put on your website,
allowing people to share it with their friends.

Some Interesting Features:

‘The stream’ – sounds familiar. Basically the same as facebook’s news feed ( kinda ),
the stream consists of four primary components:

Circles: ie, a circle of friends ( a friend list, even? )

Hangouts: ‘digital’ hangouts, that is.

Huddle: kind of like a skype conference, but for social interaction more than business
( we think ).

Sparks: a list of your interests made more interesting by a cool name.

We aren’t huge fan’s of facebook, so really we shouldn’t like google+ any better, but
it is early days. In fact, most people can’t even sign up yet, as it’s still in a test

It would seem to be pretty useless as a marketing tool, but google does seem to take
activity and interaction levels into account when ranking websites, so it may be worth
adding the plus button to your site at some point soon.

The Verdict From SEO Assassins:

Too early to give a proper assessment, but from a marketing perspective, unlikely to
be any more interesting that a lot of other social networks.

From demo’s and screenshots, it looks great, though.

May or may not rival facebook in social networking terms, but it is bound to be better
as a social network than facebook is as a search engine. As for the +1 button, it looks
like it’s going to influence search engine rankings at least a little bit, so put it on
your site and get your share count up.

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