What’s The Big Deal About The Google Panda Update?

Following on from the post about the recent google updates, the panda and the farmer, we felt the need to cover the panda update again. For some reason nobody talks about the farmer update now, just the panda ( maybe they just rolled the two into one for handiness? It was never straight-forward from the start ). So, why exactly did we see the need to write another post about the panda update?

Well, the main reason is that everybody else is talking about it like it is some kind of major event – it isn’t. In the start it was said to only affect US sites, particularly ezine articles.com ( the major article directory ) which took a huge nose-dive. A number of other webmasters subsequently claimed that similar strange happenings had befallen them. Well, guess what – rankings fluctuate for a million and one different reasons every day of the week, and seeing as google is basically a ‘secret society’ anyway, who is to say it’s due to the panda update?

So have they rolled it out to other countries by now?

Maybe, but even if they have, it’s questionable as to whether anyone would actually notice. We have been hearing about the effects of the panda update, but to be honest, there’s been no difference ( no negative changes, that is ) in the rankings of any of the sites we’ve been working on – they just keep going up and up, regardless of what country is being targeted, regardless of what the extension is on the domain name etc etc – none of it matters.

Google is constantly making refinements to it’s search engine algorithms, but at this stage, these adjustments are unlikely to be dramatic. Google provides fantastic, relevant results now, so how can their algorithms be improved upon much further? They’ve reached a zenith, and the only refinements, adjustments, updates, whatever you want to call them, are going to be minor. Could this include even the panda update? Yes – good quality and relevant websites will continue to be rewarded with high search engine rankings.

The reality is that many of those who are so obsessed with the latest google updates are merely looking for a way to cash in by selling you training courses on how to optimize and promote your websites ‘post-panda’. So, google values high quality content – nothing new there. Post-panda, your rankings could fluctuate quite a bit – that’s strange, that used to happen before the panda update, too ( didn’t they call it the google dance or something witty like that? ). You need to regularly update your site with new content since the panda update? Again, that was a pre-requisite long before the panda, too.

The reality is that there is nothing new post-panda, just the same stuff, only maybe in different quantities. Do not waste your time thinking about it, and do not pay anyone for a course on how to cope with the google panda update – good search engine optimization practices have not changed, and aren’t likely to do so ( at least not drastically ).

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